The Desiweminer team can perform end-to-end deep customization and yield control of the entire process from ASIC chip to miner to ensure on-time delivery of technologically advanced products. We focus on blockchain-oriented ASIC chip development and manufacturing of crypto miner. We also can build proprietary ASIC chip and crypto miner to create unique solutions for large scale, industrial mining with the shortest time-to-market.

Core Advantages

  • Fully customized chip design allows for best power ratio and yield
    • Standard device library design with ultra-low voltage robustness
    • Circuit-level architecture design capability
    • IP design capability
    • EDA customization capability

  • Yield prediction technology
    • Mathematical statistics and modeling capability from chip to miner
    • Automatically fix yield risk points in the design phase
    • Automatic generation of chip test and product manufacturing related configurations

Our Team

  • Top chip design team
    • Senior technical team from listed companies
    • First-line R&D management experience in super large-scale chips
    • Average 10+ years of experience in related fields

  • Advanced ASIC design experience
    • Algorithm-chip-system co-design capability
    • Software/firmware supporting capability, full-stack R&D capability
    • Core team with ASIC chip design experience
    • High performance server design experience

  • Full-stack low-power design experience from chip to system
    • Over 10 years of low-power circuit design expertise
    • Rich experience in near-threshold design, ultra-low voltage library design below 0.3V
    • Chip, circuit, thermal, structure, and software co-design
    • Mathematical modeling capability from architecture, circuit, chip to product

  • Rich experience in chip mass production and supply chain management
    • Decades of accumulated experience in quality control process and supply chain management
    • Team backbone with more than a dozen successful flow experiences
    • Manage more than 100 million chips supply chain every year

  • Fast mass production capability of end products
    • Ability to integrate supply chain resources
    • Rich experience in product manufacturing control process

Development History

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